Study Abroad in the Galapagos Islands: Spring Semester 2023

Dr. Ignacio Moore (BIOL), Dr. William Hopkins (FWC) and Dr. Peter Graham (ENG) will again offer an exciting course, “Darwin’s Galapagos: Evolution in the Anthropocene BIOL/FiW 3954 (4 credits)” in the Spring 2023 semester. The Spring course will be taught on campus, with a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands occurring over Spring Break.

Voyage in Charles Darwin’s wake in the Galapagos Islands and see firsthand what inspired the unifying concept of life on earth: evolution by natural selection.  Gain historical and on-the spot perspectives on how Darwin’s big idea took shape, and learn how current evolutionary processes are influenced by rapid environmental changes caused by human pressures such as introduced species, over-fishing, pollution, climate change, and ecotourism.

The course is open to all majors and is reading-, writing-, and discussion-intensive.  Students will have extensive readings each week followed by in class discussion and reflective essays.  10-day trip to the Galapagos will occur over spring break.  Students enrolling in the course should be good swimmers and not be prone to sea sickness.


Study Abroad in Ecuador: Spring and Summer Semesters 2018

Dr. Ignacio Moore (BIOL) and Dr. William Hopkins (FWC) last offered the course, “Tropical Ecology & Conservation BIOL/FIW 3954 (6 credits)” in the Spring and Summer I semesters of 2018. The Spring component was taught on campus, followed by a 3-week study abroad adventure to Ecuador from May 17 – June 5, 2018.

During Summer I, the class traveled to Ecuador where students traversed multiple ecosystems, from the Amazonian lowland rainforest to the high altitude Andes. Students explore one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and visited with local indigenous people to learn about conservation challenges in the region. The course is open to all majors, and is reading- and writing-intensive, physically demanding, includes an independent research project (*includes proposal writing and scientific research paper writing), and requires enrollment during both semesters.