Teacher Resources: NSF Hellbender Education

This free comprehensive set of five state-standards-aligned lesson plans and activities are for middle and high school teachers throughout Appalachia (PA, VA, WV, KY, NC, TN, and GA).  We highlight the critical need for lifelong environmental stewardship in local rivers and streams by introducing students to important ecological and biological topics ranging from speciation to watersheds, to food webs and endangered species, using the Eastern hellbender salamander as a focal species.  All lesson plans follow the 5E format and include all materials needed for instruction.


Study Abroad Courses for Undergraduate Students

Dr. Hopkins co-leads international experiential learning opportunities that explore tropical biology, conservation and evolution. Click the button below to learn more about two study abroad courses: Darwin’s Galapagos: Evolution in the Anthropocene and Tropical Biology and Conservation in Ecuador.

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9th Biennial Hellbender Symposium

The Hellbender Symposium is a biennial event where ​hellbender researchers from all over the United States and other parts of the world meet to present and discuss their research. The 9th Biennial Conference was held in Blacksburg, VA in June 2019.