Margot is a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in Wildlife Conservation. Prior to Tech, she spent many years in the Virginia wine industry where she worked as the general manager of a winery and vineyard and gained experience working in a lab. She has always loved all things wild and outdoors and spends her free time hiking and camping with her dog. Driven by an interest to do more for her surrounding environment, she completed the Virginia Master Naturalist Program in 2017 and began volunteering with projects. This experience made her realize her true passion was in the natural world, so she set out to study Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech.

Margot has aimed to make the most of her time inside and outside of the classroom at Virginia Tech. From 2018-2019, she volunteered in Dr. Cherry’s lab where she assisted with tagging deer in photos for vigilance behavior and identifying individuals. She also completed an independent study in 2018 in the Wildlife Habitat and Population Analysis Lab. Since fall 2019, Margot has been assisting in the Hopkins lab where she hopes to gain research experience. She plans pursue graduate school following graduation.

Margot’s research interests include ecotoxicology and anthropogenic influences on wildlife physiology and development, wetland ecology, and herpetology.