Julianna (Jules) Duran was born in Alexandria, VA and has always had a passion for wildlife. As a child, she took every chance she could to learn more about different species through books, documentaries, and educational events. Jules worked at an animal hospital throughout high school with the vision of becoming a wildlife veterinarian. She was accepted to Virginia Tech as an Animal Science major, but soon realized that she was interested in researching why wild animals behave and function the way they do. After one semester at Virginia Tech, she switched her major to Wildlife Conservation.

Now a junior, Jules has participated in undergraduate research with the Wildlife Habitat And Population Analysis Lab and Black Bear Research Center gaining experience in data entry, identifying species, and creating ethograms. In the Summer of 2018, Jules interned with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Refuge System as a Biological Technician. She conducted research on ornate box turtles, monitored monarch populations, and helped manage the refuge habitat.  She is currently a member of the Hopkins lab with hopes to gain experience for graduate school.

Jules’ research interests include wildlife physiology and behavioral ecology.

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