John worked in the Hopkins lab as part of his undergraduate thesis for the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences. He worked with Christine Bergeron and Brian Todd to develop a research project that evaluated the physiological and fitness costs of mercury contamination in stream salamanders of the genus Eurycea. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2009.

John completed graduate work in fisheries management at Michigan State University and is now an ecologist working for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority in Fairfax County.

Representative Publications

Burke, J.N., Bergeron, C.M., Todd, B.D., and Hopkins, W.A2010. Effects of mercury on behavior and performance of northern two-lined salamanders (Eurycea bislineata). Environmental Pollution 158: 3546-3551.

Todd, B.T., Bergeron, C.M., Hepner, M.J., Burke, J.N., Hopkins, W.A. 2011. Does maternal exposure to an environmental stressor affect offspring response to predators? Oecologia 166:283-290.