Henry Davie was born in Blacksburg, VA and attended all his public schooling here. Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains he spent a lot of his time hiking with his family and exploring the forest. In high school he became an avid birder, then decided to attend Virginia Tech as an environmental science major. Not long after his first semester, he made the switch to wildlife conservation, craving to learn more about the natural world. Currently double majoring in wildlife conservation and biological sciences, Henry is a member of the Hopkins lab and works with the Eastern Hellbender. He hopes to continue his work in the lab and achieve further involvement with the project.

As a Junior at Virginia Tech, Henry participated in multiple research experiences prior to his involvement with the Hopkins lab. In March of 2017, he was involved in a NWTF funded project tracking wild turkey nest predation in Dublin County. During his freshman and sophomore year summers (2017, 2018), Henry volunteered as a research assistant on a project studying ants of the Aphaenogaster genus and their relationship with fungi and bacteria. Henry is also involved in an ongoing study that surveys bird-window collisions around Virginia Tech campus.

Henry’s research interests include behavioral ecology, reproductive ecology and toxicology primarily in birds and herps.


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