Originally from Michigan, Alex Grimaudo moved to Virginia in 2008 to attend Jamestown High School in Williamsburg, Virginia. His interest in wildlife conservation was realized while spending time in the marshes and forests of Virginia’s tidewater region–a place where anyone could fall in love with nature! An avid outdoorsman, he decided to take his passion for the outdoors a step further and pursue a career in conserving the habitats in which he grew up and played.

Alex is now a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in Wildlife Conservation, and will be graduating in December, 2017. He has worked in the Hopkins Lab on an ongoing behavioral study of wood ducks since Spring 2016. In 2017, he was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and, under the mentorship of Ph.D. student Sydney Hope, is now working on his own project. He is studying the effects of clutch size and environmental factors on night incubation behavior in wood ducks, and is excited to continue this project in the Fall as a FLeDGE undergraduate researcher.

Alex’s research interests include disease ecology, behavioral ecology, and environmental toxicology.